ID214 – Find, Reach, Collaborate – Call me with IBM Sametime Unified Telephony!

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This was some pretty cool stuff!

I’m no Sametime guru. I just use it for chats and screen sharing basically, but I thought I would broaden my horizon.

Below is some of the features that struck me as pretty cool:

Use one number to reach you no matter on what device that’s currently most suitable.

The user can them-self determine which device is most suitable by specifying rules and setting preferred devices based on those rules. Like, call on the cellphone when in the car and call the computer when at the office.

On the same note – Incoming call notification. If it’s a sametime user you see who’s calling and may divert a call to a chat if you aren’t available.

Just like always you can see the status of the user and with SUT you see if a user is busy in a call and maybe send them an IM instead.

To create a conference call simply select the users you wish to have a conference call with and drag. Then you’re off, no need to call a certain number, using codes and what-not.