Infoware appointed Swedish MeetingRite partner for Sweden

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IBM Sametime is one of the products from IBM we have worked longest with. 15 years ago we laid the foundation for the great expertise and competence we have today. Many of our customers use IBM Sametime as a cornerstone in their businesses, and over the years, product quality and functionality have improved greatly.

We know that high quality and standards usually often result in hard work. Companies today is often hard at work maintaining a wide range of technical components in order to maintain the best possible solution.

Infoware now offers a new way to access IBM Sametime and experience all its benefits. With the solution from MeetingRite it is possible to have a "private cloud" containing full functionality.

Try before you buy!

We offer instant trial of MeetingRite. Contact us and get access to IBM Sametime’s powerful features by tomorrow!


We’re adding Quota Management for Files to DomainPatrol Social

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The heat wave in Stockholm right now is making us all longing for a relaxing hammock instead of sitting inside the office. Regardless of that, we are happy to be enjoying a huge interest for DomainPatrol Social from all over the world.

The feedback we hear from our customers is that it has never been so easy to administer their IBM Connections environment. DomainPatrol Social opens up possibilities to do things you normally can't do in IBM Connections. Such as Merging Communitites, even one external with an internal one. The feature Merge Profiles is also a popular one. When companies hiring former temporary employees the users often end up with 2 profiles.

The next release of DomainPatrol will include a function our customers have had high up on their wish list. We are talking about Quota Management for Files! You will finally be able to set quota on both user level and community level. And also manage quota policies. Good, huh?

And we're not stopping there. We are currently working on several features to make DomainPatrol Social the most competent and qualified tool for IBM Connections on the market.

Contact us directly to try it out for free or just to let us tell you more.



Free your mind – Infoware Innovation and Idea Jam is here!

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2015 is turning out to be a year of lots of new things for us here at Infoware. You may know that we have been around since 1995, but that doesn't make us neither old, contempt or bored. We are as curious as ever on what's going on in the world, and how we can bring home new innovations, new ways to work, a more social and effective mindset and so on, to our customers. Simply a better day at work!

Not only that, we also do like to contribute to the constant evolving world. One way of doing that is to develop products that makes life easier for our customers. And we think that we are doing something right, since we currently have more than 1,000,000 product licenses running out there right now.

So, so far so good, right? Yees.. But no. We want more! 

One day the other week at the office, one of our senior developers hatched the idea that it would be interesting to hear if any of our customers, resellers or other friends is walking around with a fabulous idea they don't know what to do with. Maybe they have no one to tell it to, and noone who can develop it.

That made us think. And do some planning.

So, welcome to Infoware's Idea Jam! The first in its kind. Our plan is to collect ideas and suggestions for innovations, and see if we can do something with them. If we can implement them in one of our products. Or maybe develop a new one. The ideas can be small or huge, it doesn't matter.

The theme for our idea jam is "simplify our workday with social tools". Since we work with IBM's social software this is the area we target.

The Idea Jam is live until the 22th of May 2015, so feel free to submit your idea below, right now!

What happens with your submitted idea? All ideas will be reviewed by our team of developers, and you will of course receive feedback directly to you.

The best idea wins a fabulous pair of headphones!

So join us and submit your idea here!


A very Merry Christmas to you

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Infoware wishes to thank all of our customers and friends for a fantastic year! We started off in January with the great conference IBM Connect in Orlando. Our product DomainPatrol Social did indeed hit the charts, and we have had a really busy year, taking care of all the new contacts we made. We are proud to announce that we now have several new customers using our IBM Connections tool. And with this, our knowledge about how you want IBM Connections shall be modeled and used, is growing by the day. All this nice feedback and credit gives us a real energy boost to continue to use our expert skills in developing DomainPatrol further!

Our room booking app for mobile devices, Rooms & Connections, has also received praise, and since we see an increasing interest for mobile apps in total, we are keeping up the speed in developing new versions and with extended functionality!

We are more global than ever! Our technical experts are increasingly demanded by customers abroad. We suspect it has something to do with our knowledge and experience within social business, infrastructure and development work.

The other day we celebrated a very sucessful, fun, challenging and rewarding year at our annual christmas party on a restaurant in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. A relaxing evening with coworkers where we planted a seed for a promising new year 2015!

Christmas is a time of giving so our gift this year goes to Doctors without borders! They do very important work in providing medical aid where it is needed most. Why not do the same?


Infoware on stage talking about mobile development at IBM Connect Stockholm 2014

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Our new mobile room booking app has rendered interest from customers as well as partners. We will now show it live in one of the sessions at IBM Connect Stockholm 2014 on February, 19. Don’t miss out!

Our room booking app allows you to quickly and easily get an overview of all your organization’s meetings and room bookings. With the app you can book rooms, check the booking status and above that contact your colleagues. All in your mobile device! Ulf Stider will furthermore discuss mobile development, IBM Worklight, XPages and Open Ratio.

Learn more info about our room booking app here: Room booking app

Read more about IBM Connect Stockholm 2014 here: IBM Connect Stockholm 2014 



Holiday gifts from Infoware to Naturskyddsföreningen

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Infoware have a strong feeling and commitment about the environment and saving the world to future generations. We try to make a difference in all the daily investments we make, such as transports, office supply, recycling, and even which coffee we drink at the office. In that point of view it felt more than right to give a holiday contribution to the Swedish non-profit environment organisation Naturskyddsföreningen.

Click on the picture below and read all about how you can contribute you too!

Merry Christmas from Infoware

Christmas at Infoware

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