Ed Brill: The big news about Sametime “next” should be pretty exciting

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As IBM Connect 2013 gets closer, I as a “Sametime Guy”, are looking forward to hear all about the new stuff that Sametime “Next” will bring. Reading Ed Brills blog about this 2012, he writes this about Sametime.

…In Sametime, we decided to change the game to focus on social communications. The big news about Sametime “next” should be pretty exciting when we start talking about that roadmap later this month; that team has been working hard this year to put some impressive plans in place.

I can’t wait to hear and see Sametime “Next” in Orlando! 🙂


IBM Connect 2013 Tag Cloud

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It’s just two weeks until I and my colleagues leave a cold Stockholm to go to a (hopefully) sunny Orlando to attend IBM Connect 2013.

If you go to the IBM Connect 2013 site you can use the “Session Preview Tool” to search for info about all the great sessions you can attend to. I used the tool to create a tag cloud, to see which topics are hot this year.


           Domino                                     iOS

                     Quickr                       Connections

      Websphere                Social       Android

     Notes                 Sametime                   Collaboration

                       Windows                      Portal                          Xpages

                               Media                Linux

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