IBM Champion newbie! (and a rock star?)

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This must be a perfect Tuesday. Yesterday I received the news that I am selected as IBM Champion for Social Business for 2016. My phone almost got over heated from all the congrats messages, Twitter mentions and emails. I was thinking: "Is this how it feels to be a rock star?" It must be. 🙂

This has been a fantastic year for me which started in Orlando and IBM ConnectED, rolled on with Social Connections in Boston, working hard through spring and summer with lots and lots of projects and deals to complete and now peaked in November and Social Connections in Stuttgart.

Thanks to the IBM Champion team for selecting me, thanks to those who nominated me, thanks to my company Infoware for believing in me, and thanks to the Social Connections team for challenging me to do great things.

You are all awesome!



Presentations from our sessions at Social Connections VI in Prague

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Home after a fabulous event in Prague, we are more than happy to share with you presentations from our sessions:


Electrolux: 4 deep dives in our social journey – Rafael Braz & Ulf Stider

In this session Electrolux and Infoware will share their experiences on urgent subjects for any social agenda. The presentation will primarily be a live demo where Ulf and Rafael discuss each topic from both a business and technical perspective.


Launching a social intranet: a true customer story – Ulf Stider & Per Ejnar Thomsen

TINE SA is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products.

Spring 2014, TINE launches a new, social intranet for all their employees, with IBM Connections as one of the core components. Learn about TINE’s project with focus on experiences with launching a social intranet; the strategy, the deployment, the technology, the success and the pitfalls, and if all goes well, a live demo of the brand new intranet.




Infoware sponsors the Social Connections conference in Prague

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We are for the second time around proud to be sponsors of the great conference Social Connections in June! This time the conference will be held in the beautiful city of Prague, and we are all very excited to be given this opportunity.

So, what is Social Connections?

The conference is arranged by the devoted people of the IBM Connections User Group, who work hard to fill the event with excellent speakers, interesting exhibitors, and of course to gather a great audience. At the event we will meet professionals, IBM:ers and clients, who all have different experiences from working with IBM Connections. And they are all up for a discussion and share their knowledge with you.

What will Infoware do in Prague?

First of all, we are sponsors and exhibitors at the event. This means that we will take a huge part in the discussion both in our exhibitor's booth and in a speaker session. We will be available for private meetings, knowledge sharing and so on. Our agenda is of course to speak about Social Business within organizations, and how IBM Connections is the perfect way to reach better and more efficient ways to work. Both regarding implementation projects, how to raise interest in the organization and how to get return of investment.

And as a necessary complement to IBM Connections, we offer our product DomainPatrol Social, which is a excellent tool for managing content and users in IBM Connections. Never again do you need to feel that your content in IBM Connections is stuck where you created it. Just move it with DomainPatrol Social. Keep your environment tidy and up-to-date.

Just be sure to contact us, and we will more then happy to give you more information or help you through all the steps in the process. We have several references who can give you their perspective of how to create a successful environment.

Please join us in Prague! The event is free to attend!

Visit Social Connections

Five Reasons to Attend

Stay social!


Infoware is one of the exhibitors at the Social Business Exhibition at IBM Client Center Kista

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Energize your life's work and stay social!

Infoware is one of few Business Partners chosen to participate in the Social Business Exhibition at IBM Client Center Nordic in Kista. Throughout 2014 you can visit the IBM Client Center to learn more about Infoware's investment in Social Business and the way we work smarter. After all, Social Business is about the future.IBMSocialBusiness

The opening ceremony will begin with Annika Ekdahl, SWG Manager ICS Sweden, who will talk about IBM's position in the field. Later Infoware's Sales Manger, Ulf Stider, will introduce the specially invited audience, about how we create Social Business and how we use it in today's work.

If you want to know more how we can make your business Social, or if you want to visit the IBM Client Center Nordic, please do not hesitate to contact us