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The new generation are multitasking, online and used to instant respons/now – organisations today are in generall not ready for them!

Technology is important such as OpenSocial standard (did you know Activity streams are developed by Microsoft and IBM together 🙂 ) – IBM believs that Roles, Processes and Outcome are other key factors to improve efficiency and revenue (btw IBM calculates with two digit growth 2012!).

New trends are that applications need to move to the data – not the other way around.

Regarding mobility
– look up JMP104 for tons of usefull information regarding Traveler – how often do you do “Load traveler -defrag”, learn about BannedDoc and HA 😉
– Study ID118 for LMC components and support (where Traveler device manager is the basic flabour of LMC)

The future of mail is social “Social mail” – Connections Mail availible for Domino and Exchange



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