SHOW113 – Building your First IBM Connections Application

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This one was verrrry thorough. First 1h was very basic stuff, like: this is AJAX, this is XML and so on. setting up the connections environment with all the steps involved etc etc.

But after this it started to show some really interesting stuff: Explaining the Atom XML format thatConnections uses to communicate, how to post questions (using AJAX), where to find information on how to post these queries and so on.

They finished of with creating an iWidget. iWidget is an open standard created by IBM that defines the widgets you place in an Connections environment.

The format is in XML and resembles XPages (or if it’s the other way round ;)). Yu got you HTML, CSS and JavaScript definitions all separate from Connections and just provide the pointer to this XML definition file, so no messing with transfer of files.

It was all surprisingly easy (once you have an environment) to create and deploy a widget.



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