Infoware’s security solutions help you predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure compliance, and protect data, applications, infrastructure and endpoints.

We specialize in the security areas below

  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)



As users access valuable data and applications across multiple channels, your organization needs to strengthen compliance, reduce risk and prevent advanced insider threats.

Security identity and access management solutions help protect and monitor user access in multi-perimeter environments with context-based access control, security policy enforcement and business-driven identity governance.

We have been delivering IAM solutions for more than 15 years and are experts on the IBM products within the area.



Network-based monitoring is not enough to ensure effective intrusion detection. The use of log data from different sources is vital to detect advanced threats and abuse of systems and applications. This requires the handling of large data volumes, advanced detection logic and qualified log management.

The new data protection regulation (GDPR) sharpens the requirements for how organizations should handle personal information. The regulation sets new demands on how companies and other organizations must work and organize themselves both to avoid the high sanctions imposed by the regulation and to take advantage of its opportunities. We believe SIEM is required to ensure compliance.

We are primarly building SIEM solutions around IBM®QRadar®Security platform. The Platform products provide a comprehensive architecture for integrating security information and event management, log management, anomaly detection, incident forensics and configuration and vulnerability management.

Together with our security partner SecureDevice A/S we are building solutions adapted to our customers’ needs at all stages. A solution from us can include everything from assistance to drafting requirements specification, proof of concept, technical implementation, maintenance and support. We are actively involved in all project phases and can also offer the responsibility for effective project management from start to finish.

Security Operations Center (SOC) is the core of our delivery. In close cooperation with our security partner SecureDevice A/S we are delivering SOC as a service with skilled security analysts to be able to detect and stop attacks on our customers in real time.