Guided Collaboration Tour

While IBM Connections and IBM’s products for digital experience and collaboration are easy to use, it is a relatively complex product to install and configure. Infoware offers a packaged service as a product, “Collaboration Guided Tour – Collaboration”. The purpose of this solutions is for IBM customers to get a smooth path from Proof of Concept to fully fledged business alignment of IBM’s products.


Solution specification

– Infoware Guided Collaboration Tour is typically delivered in phases

– Proof of Concept

– Implementation project

– Business Alignment

– Support and Maintenance


The solution is adapted to the customers business need with a mix of IBM Connections, IBM Domino, IBM Sametime  and WebSphere

Portal. The mix usually transforms and evolves over time and the Infoware service – Guided Collaboration Tour is guiding the customer in this process.


Functional details

IBM Connections, IBM Domino and WebSphere Portal are IBM product for building and developing social network internally within an organization. Co-workers can share their favorites links, create and publish blogs,wikis, etc..

By creating a social network, an organization can improve its internal communication. IBM Connections is an IBM product for building and developing social network internally within your organization. Co-workers can share their favorites Web-URL, create and publish blogs, wikis, etc.. Despite preliminary studies, decision processes and minor system testing it may be wise to conduct a pilot installation to verify the considered system.

You can be very cost efficient and be up and running with IBM Connections or IBM Domino in your production environment within a week.

Infoware is used to do work with international clients through VPN. Infoware have worked with 20 full IBM Connections environment and we typically do most of the work through VPN.

Infoware is used to customize IBM Connections, integrate IBM Sametime, WebSphere Portal and IBM Domino, configure complex IBM Security Directory Integrator solutions and SSO solutions.

You can get support (hourly fee) through mail and VPN The installation can also be used for user training sessions, tests, staging, development and small production environments. Data from the installation can be migrated to a full IBM Connections installation when you have it in place.