Infoware offers a broad spectra of Contract Services


There are two standard contract service packages:

  • IBM Connections as an On-Premise Cloud Service
  • IBM Domino Application Platform as a Private Cloud Service

In addition to our standard offerings, we offer solutions tailored to customer needs. These offerings includes a variety of IBM products and our own developed products/tools.

IBM Connections as an On-Premise Cloud Service

IBM Connections Cloud is a social software for business that empowers you to be more innovative, enabling efficient execution of business strategies by calling upon the expertise of networks of coworkers, partners, and customers.

On-Premise installations of IBM Connections offers the power, efficiency, and features of IBM Connections Cloud with your organizations requirements for security, control, compliance and performance of a dedicated environment.

On-Premise installations are complex to operate. They require experts who have the skills and know how to upgrade, patch, secure, monitor and scale such an environment.

With an On-Premise Cloud Service by Infoware, we take care of the infrastructure and management. Our expertise, experience and routines will allow you to focus on your core business.

We deliver a standard service to a fixed low-cost. The service can be customized to create a unique service level agreement that meets your exact requirements.

We include our own sophisticated tool “DomainPatrol Social” which is a powerful tool for moving and merging any content in IBM Connections as well as manage user roles and profiles.

Our all-inclusive pricing model provides a monthly fee for your IBM Connections installations (including licenses if needed). This allow you to easily manage your budget process and provides the flexibility you need to adapt to changing business requirements.

Choosing Infoware as a service supplier for On-Premise Cloud Services has many advantages:

  • Experience, we have been managing and exploring IBM Connection platforms since it hit the market. Today we are managing IBM Connection platforms for several large customers.
  • Expertise, we have built perhaps the most advanced tools (DP Social) for IBM Connections that is available on the market. This has given us a unique and deep knowledge in IBM Connections and today we have a well-known reputation as the leading IBM Connections expert.
  • IBM Partnership, we have been IBM partners for more than 20 years, and we do have a broad network of contacts within IBM worldwide. We often have more information about the future and vision of the product than is common known within IBM themselves.
  • Established contract services, we know how to deliver IT as a service. Our “On-Premise Cloud for IBM Connections” guarantees the knowledge in IBM Connections from all our specialists.

IBM Domino Application Platform as a Private Cloud Service

IBM Domino is an advanced application platform hosting web and social business applications.

It’s a modern, scalable and secure platform that offers high availability, advanced clustering, replication, and automated diagnostic tools.

The development environment is to a high extent based on Open Source with modern programming languages ​​and frameworks.  One of the big advantages is that advanced applications can be developed to a low cost in a short time.
Infowares offering makes it possible to purchase parts of, or an entire IBM Domino application platform as a service for a fixed monthly fee (including licenses). A flexible service packaging allows the purchase of sub-components i.e. “what you need when you need it”.

In cases where the customer for any reason does not want to store the data outside the corporate network, we also offer the possibility to build an On-Premise cloud in the customer’s environment where we still can take care of the management of all or part of the application platform.

In our service offer, we take responsibility for customers IBM Domino application platform and/or IBM Domino applications to a fixed low cost. We can also take care of the maintenance and future development of the applications.

Buying the IBM Domino platform as a service instead of maintaining your own infrastructure and applications has clear advantages.

  • High quality
    We have technical expertise available to deliver a service with high quality and accessibility.
  • Low costs
    IBM Domino Application Platform as a Private Cloud Service is a long-term solution where we can lower the total cost of managing then platform and the applications.
  • Professional support services.
    Our Customers have access to Infowares collective expertise, incidents and cases are handled by agreed SLA’s.
  • Experience
    Infoware are continuously working with a large numbers of customer implementations of IBM Domino. It means that we have early experience of new versions and can reuse proven solutions.
  • No license worries

Necessary licenses from IBM can be included in our services. Future license audits are targeted to Infoware not to our customers.