Room and Resource mobile application

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of our coming mobile application Room&Resources for mobile. It will be released in February 2014 and will be available in a site-license and in an userbased license via Appstore.


  • An IBM Domino environment using Room and Resource functionality

The Problem

  • Not possible to quickly find out if an empty room is booked or not
  • On peak hours often difficult to get a room with short notice, all rooms booked but not always used
  • Conflicts in room booking, several person assume having booked the room
  • Not possible to book a room on the fly both in the office and while travelling
  • Existing LN db very slow and difficult to find bookings and only accessible in the PC

The Solution

  • A mobile Room Booking App for smart phones
  • No server preferences needs to be changed
  • Simple and fast to use




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