Rooms & Connections – Limitations and FAQ


  1. Infoware can’t guarantee that the app will work in your organizations environment and we will not refund if you realize that your organizations current configuration does not work with the app. Please don’t give us low rating if your organizations network access or configuration of IBM Domino does not allow for the app. We can most likely develop a specific version for your organization, see further down.
  2. Before purchasing you should verify that iNotes/webbmail work from your mobile device, in some cases you must add .nsf?Open&EGRedir=1 after the “nsf” in the URL. In some organizations iNotes/webmail require VPN and/or MDM on your mobilde device. In some organization you can only access iNotes/webmail over Wi-Fi when you are in the office.
  3. Technical Support and end user feedback

    For connectivity issues, problems with the login or configuration we refer to your organizations Domino administrators. The Domino Administrators is often reached through your IT Service desk. It is only your Domino administrator that can help us verify the reasons why the applications don't work for you. An end user don't have access to the necessary logs and configuration databases making traditional end user support meaningless.

    Infoware provide free technical app support for Domino administrators in a Community at IBM Greenhouse Please advice your Domino administrator to request access to this community:

    Before the Domino Administrator can join the support community they will need an account at such account are created here:

    End user feedback and feature requests
    Infoware will add a function in the app where the end user can provide feedback and/or feature requests. About feature requests or primary focus is to keep down the number of functions to keep the application super easy to use.

  4. The user names can look very differently, please confirm in your mobile browser that your login work against both webmail/iNotes and IBM Connections. In some organizations you might have different user names in Domino and Connections, this is supported by the application.
  5. Add http:// or https:// to the URLs in the configuration depending on how your environment is configured. Be careful to verify first from your mobile.
  6. The Colleague Finder will most likely work if IBMs app for IBM Connections work.
  7. The app is built for Vanilla Domino and IBM Connections using common configurations. It is very common to configure or modify Domino environments to fulfill specific organizational needs, such changes can hinder the app from working properly.
  8. In many organizations you can’t access your Domino servers from mobile devices, there is no VPN and there is no link from Wi-Fi at the office to the Domino servers. In such cases the app will not work. In some organizations you can only access Domino or Connections.
  9. The app require a quite good network link to your servers. The quality of the network link from your mobile to the server can be limited by many things, for example slow phone, poor Wi-Fi, poor cellular link, clogged room reservation database, slow firewall etc. The app is still optimized for poor links and it can be used with reasonable performance cellular links/VPN.
  10. The app does not allow you to book resources yet, Infoware might add that in a future release.
  11. Infoware has done a proof of concept of the app together with IBM SmartCloud in hybrid configuration with good results. Please contact if you would like more information on the app together with IBM SmartCloud.

Infoware think mobile apps should be simple, clean and easy to use. It is very easy to come up with more “super smart features” for the app but we have struggled to only add a very short part of the list.