Rooms & Connections – Configuration and System Requirements

System Requirements

  1. The app support iPads and iPhones on IOS7 and upwards and Androids on 4.4.x
  2. Your mobile need a direct network link to the Domino server(s) with your mail file, the room reservation database(s) and your domino directory. If you can use iNotes/web mail from your mobile device you have a good chance the app will work.
  3. Your Domino environment  must be on Domino 8.5.3 FP2 or upward
  4. Your Domino servers must have http enabled
  5. The (optional) colleague finder require a direct link to your IBM Connections server, it is tested with IBM Connections 4.5


Configuration URL

In some cases it might be good with an URL that configure your app. Please be aware that the app must be installed before the app can be used.

Logical description

iwsrooms://config?dominoActive=<1|0>&url=<Webmail URL>&site=<Site to use>&username=<Username>&password=<Password>&connectionsActive=<1|0>&url_ic=<Webmail URL>&username_ic=<Username>&password_ic=<Password>

dominoActive – If iNotes/webbmail should be active or not.

site – The Room reservation site that you use. Please check in your iNotes or IBM Notes. If this setting is left empty the app will attempt to use your configured site and if the app cant find a site the app will prompt you for it.

url – webbmail url, sometimes you must add ?Open&EGRedir=1 after the .nsf

username – username for webmail.

password – password for webmail.

connectionsActive – If CollegueFinder should be active or not

url_ic – url for IBM Connections including htt and/or https

username_ic – username for IBM Connections

password_ic – password for IBM Connections


Example URL

iwsrooms://config?dominoActive=1& mail%2Fustider.nsf&site=Konferensrum&username=ulf%20stider&password=password&connectionsActive=1? &username_ic=ulf%20stider&password_ic=password