Room booking app for IBM Domino


The Problem

Room reservations from a mobile device is challenging and empty but booked rooms is a waste. Discussions outside a meeting room on who has a valid room reservations is sometime a frustration and an unnecessary conflict.


The Solution

Our solution is to use our app to verify who has the booking and avoid the conflict. The Room app also include an easy to use colleague finder using IBM Connections super search which is bundled with IBM Domino. Search for any meta-data in their profiles like name, number, role, experience, background and you will get instant response. You can use the profiles to call, text and email or simply to copy them to your phones contacts.


This app is can book rooms direct from your mobile device and help you find available rooms in an intuitive way. Other smart features:

  • One click room booking with personal defaults for period and size.
  • Room bookings are created as a meeting reservation in your calendar. You can for example invite colleagues and change subject from your standard calendar application. 
  • Scroll forward in time with filters for capacity and book available rooms with a simple click.
  • Check who has booked a particular room and a simple function to text/email/call the chairman to perhaps ask if the empty room is really needed. There is also a notification function to remind you later.
  • See a list of your bookings for a configurable period and a Cancel button to unbook your room.
  • Switch site (different room reservations for example to separate cities or countries) using a simple drop down list whenever needed
  • Work over both cellular, VPN and Wi-Fi provided that you get a stable link to your servers.
  • Configuration either manually or using a configuration-URL

Where can I get the app?

​The Rooms app is available this early summer on iTunes and Google Play. The app supports iPad and iPhone running IOS7 or later and Android devices running 4.4.x or later.

Organizational specific versions of the app

Please contact if you are need a specific organizational version of the application that you can distribute using your internal Mobile Device Management system. Reasons could for example be specific security or functional needs.

The application framework can be customized for other Lotus Notes applications and Infoware can offer such custom made mobile applications.


Configuration and System Requirements

Limitations and FAQ


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