New features in DomainPatrol Social 7




Create quota policies for Personal File Libraries and Community File

Apply a quota policy to Personal File Libraries and Community File Libraries

View enhancement to see what file quota is set for a Community



Move and Merge Communities
After using IBM Connections for a while, you almost always realise that you have many, many communities. Some of them are used every day while other are obsolete and/or forgotten. Many of them cover the same topics and contain redundant information. Meanwhile your users keep creating new ones.

Fear not! With our feature Merge Community you can now merge two communities into one, and of course also move sub-communities into and out of parent communities.

All this with few clicks! Our easy to use interface is a success everywhere. A powerful tool doesn't need to be hard to use. Our customers appreciates it immediately.

For more vital content features, see the examples in the menu to the left.

Move Files
Increase your flexibility while working with files in IBM Connections. Move a single file or the whole file container between users. Or move move them between communities. You can also move libraries.







Another essential feature is our function Merge Profiles

We have several customers that have requested an easier way to manage all user profiles in IBM Connections. Many companies are in the situation where they hire temporary staff in order to cover for ordinary employees on leave. If the company then hires these temporary employees they will most likely end up with two profiles in IBM Connections.

It's even possible to merge an internal profile with an external one.

With DomainPatrol Social you can now easily merge these two profiles to one. All data and content will be merged. Inluding the users history.

No organisation stays the same for a longer period. Most organisations are in constant change and movement. Why should then IBM Connections stay still? The employees are the most important part of the organisation. One important thing is to give them access to the right material.

With our new feature Access Control you can within minutes give the right person access to the right content! 



We have worked with social tools for a very long time. We are developers, administrators, infrastructure consultants and of course also users. We have many long-term customers that we have forged close relationships with. Over the years we've learned how important it is to keep your environment in great shape, to take care of your installed solutions and to maximize the benefits of it.

That's why we develop tools that makes all the neccessary administrative tasks much easier for users, administrators and platform owners and that benefits the whole company.



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DomainPatrol Social currently supports IBM Connections 5 CR3


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