OGS – Opening General Session

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Grand opening!

Opens with a rock band and keeps the same approach across the session!

Michael J Fox did an excellent presentation with lots of anecdotes from his past movie career and the problems he faces with his ongoing decease (Parkinson’s). Puts your own problems in a different light..

“Notes/Domino Social edition” is the new name of “Domino 9”.

Three particular demos did stand out:

Activity Streams – never leave the new homepage to do you everyday tasks. Easily integrate everything into one UI ( pun intended). CRM, CMS etc etc. everything is visible and actionable (is that a word?) right in the stream. Simple click on the stream entry and the relevant form/action item will appear.

Seemed very streamlined with a nice GUI ( a Google+ clone but who cares?) exactly HOW easy it is to integrate your own applications remains to be seen..

Need to webbify your legacy Notes applications? Not that urgent anymore! There will be a browser plugin available that provides Notes Lite functionality – meaning that the old app will look and work the same it always did, but now on the web.

If that is sufficient for your purposes is an entirely different matter. Not aware of any limitations but suspect it will be FireFox only, at least initially.

The guy (forgot his name, sorry) who presented “Customer experience suite”! Excellent presentation and an awesome product! It’s kinda hard to explain in text, but it showed some state of the art Web 2.0 magic! Impressive – by any standard! The highlights were any CSS3, HTML5, drag & drop feature you can think off – combined with some awesome analytics integration baked in a very nice and clever GUI.

Can you tell I was impressed?



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