Jmp101 – IBM Lotus Domino XPpges jumpstart

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Jmp101 – IBM Lotus Domino XPpges jumpstart

This presentation was held by Howard Greenberg and Paul Della-Nebbia and it was a A perfect introduction to an old school Domino Developer that is stuck in release 6 Applications Development (i.e. Me)…
The presenters showed us all the steps required to move an old school Domino application into the new and exciting world of XPages. During the last 7 minutes of the presentation the presenters demonstrated how you, using only one XPage, can support all your mobile users (Android, IOS and Blackberry).

On you can download a freestyle course that demonstrates all the steps you need to go through to “upgrade” your typical Domino application to a modern application that supports all kind of devices using only one codestream (almost)…
You need the upgrade pack to get the mobile controls needed


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