IBM Docs – the trend is that documents are becomming less formal, more agile and social

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IBM Docs – btw the shortest product name in IBM history 🙂 – is not a client side software, not Symphony through a web browser, it’s IBM’s social document editing in the Cloud, formerly called LotusLive Symphony (and it’s a multiyear strategy).

Some key features:
– preserve advanced features in documents if not able to render in combination with pull down a master copy for local modification!
– assign tex;, review inc. due dates, check in/out/private, other parts can be worked on by others, comments linked(!) inc. forward in a twitter style flow.
– allow for different Locale, by user, by document !
– take your document with you using your tablet (e.g. iPad) AND edit.
– programming model to build collaborative functions, not only macro/script based (but that too).

Showed a few examples where the Beta did a better job than google docs (e.g. text span over multiple cells, formatting).

When: public beta now from Greenhouse
2H2012 -> Smartcloud for social business
2013 -> Private cloud

Goal is to replace desktop productivity applications (see the three year plan in the presentation INV205)


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