BP103 – IBM Lotus Domino XPages Blast!

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A good session for the not so seasoned XPages developer. If you’ve been doing this for a while then maybe they’re weren’t so many new things revealed, or it shouldn’t be anyway. 😉

But something’s are worth repeating so here we go:

Thomas Gums have written a CGI Scriptlibrary that is worth checking out if you’re working with CGI variables like REMOTE_ADDR and the like.

Use resource bundles instead of profile document for better functionallity and performance. Include bundle on the XPage then you can use SSJS like .getString(“key”) to retire information from it.
Another cool thing with using bundles for keywords and/or language files is that you can easily export them using LotusScript to DXL that anyone can read and edit without having Designer access.

XPages agents are much faster then any LS or java agent, so use that when possible.

Here’s a neat trick to export Notes data to a formatted Excel file: create the Excel file and format it the way you normally would, save it as XML and paste that into your XPages agent. That way you get all the formatting done for you and you can concentrate on injecting just the dynamic parts. (Just don’t forget to set the correct content-type in XPages).

There are a couple of SSJS functions available for working with JSON that may not be apparent at first:

Ju also have the equivalent on CSJS in Dojo, except the isJson-method.



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