Booth #206 is ready for action! Are you?

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The Solution Showcase is about to open and booth #206 is ready for action!

We got some really cool t-shirts (probably the coolest ones at Lotusphere 2012!) for everyone that stops by and takes a demo of our DomainPatrol products. And don’t miss the opportunity to win an Apple TV! Just check in at our booth with Facebook and you’re in the lottery!

“Have you ever seen a pastry chef use nothing but a jackhammer to create an award winning crème brûlée? As a professional we believe that you need amazing tools in order to do extraordinary work. ”

At Infoware Solutions, we know that extraordinary work requires amazing tools. We have amazing tools, let us show you the DomainPatrol Suite for IBM Lotus Domino and DomainPatrol Social for IBM Connections. You will be amazed, I personally guarantee it!

So what are you waiting for? Get your but to booth #206 in the Soilutions Showcase! 🙂


The thrilling Lotusphere 2012 is about to begin

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Now we are all excited – yesterday was full of a number of Jump-start-sessions and of course Business Partner Development Day (BDD). In the general opening session at BDD we all nodded yes when asked not to disclose anything of the upcoming news that will be revealed later this week. I am not the one to break that promise. I just say: be prepared:  2012 is the tipping point for Social Business. Is it on your agenda?

Infoware is selected as one of the finalists in “Best of Lotusphere Social Business Solution – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Award”.  Yesterday a team of judges listened to Ulfs and Ralfs presentation of the solution and asked all the tricky questions. The runner-up and winner will be announced on Monday, January 16, 2012 during the Lotusphere Opening General Session. We will be there – and if you are not there is another possibilty :

The booth #206 is ready for visitors. It looks so gooood! Also check out our product site  and you will know what is all about.



JMP301 – Master Class: eXtending IBM Lotus Domino Designer and XPages

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A LOT to digest in this one, not for the faint of heart. Lots of steps in lots of files, but gives a great return on investment as there’s virtually no limit to what you can do!

Mastering XPages has a whole chapter dedicated to this. The entire book is a must read for any XPage nut!

A new XPage book is coming out soon so have a look out on for that one.



JMP102 – Introduction to Java for IBM Lotus Domino Developers

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Just completed the first session of my first Lotusphere in my 18 year Lotus Notes / Domino career!

Of to a flying start with a very high tempo. Good and funny speaker that kept you on your toes thru out the session. maybe too much information for only 2h so it felt a bit rushed. Fortunately I’m not a total Java newbie.

Got a few good pointers like have to increase the memory Java memory size to increase the memory size available to the client, how to monitor memory consumption and how to close project to release memory properly. More on this in a follow up post.

Lots of good links and resources to get you started with java dev.



Are we there yet? Yes, we are!

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On site in Orlando – ready for Lotusphere 2012. I am proud to this year, again, have a large Infoware team at Lotusphere. There are twelve of us! Some working at the Showcase boot #206 and others attending interesting sessions and getting involved in deep technical discussions. Of course knowledge sharing with colleagues at home using IBM Connections.

I am also so excited to listen to Ralf Larsson, Director Employee Online Engagement and Development at Electrolux and our sales manager Ulf Stider who are doing a presentation CCS111 – “Electrolux delivers a more engaging, social intranet”. If you are lucky to attend Lotusphere be there Wednesday at 11:00 AM -12:00 AM!


Time to unveil our latest product!

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In just a few short days Infoware will unveil our latest product (although still under development) – DomainPatrol Social, a graphical administrative tool for IBM Connections.

DomainPatrol Social

Administering IBM Connections can be a pickle. Working with IBM Connections for many years, we’ve seen the need to simplify the administrative process and to provide easy ways of performing tasks that currently don’t have any associated tools. Tasks that currently requires deep knowledge and manual changes to the IBM Connections databases.

With a fast and intuitive user interface, DomainPatrol Social is just plain easy to use. If you’re attending Lotusphere 2012, don’t miss the opportunity to see it for your self. Visit booth #206 in the Solutions Showcase to get a demo!

If you’re not attending Lotusphere 2012, keep your eyes on in a couple of days. More information about DomainPatrol Social will be unveiled there when the Solutions Showcase opens on Monday 10:00 AM EST.

Stay tuned! 🙂


Lotusphere 2012: We’re getting ready, are you?

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Time really flies, doesn’t it? Very soon it’s time to get to over to Orlando, FL and start bleeding yellow again!

At Infoware Solutions, we’re getting ready for the premier event of the year – Lotusphere 2012. Interested in Social Business? Or do you want to be where business meets IT? Lotusphere is for anyone who want to learn why and how to become a Social Business!

In Solutions Showcase booth #206, Infoware will be showcasing it’s latest and greatest tools for administrators and developers of IBM Lotus Domino and IBM Connections. Don’t miss the opportunity to see administrative tools that really make a difference!

Get Social. Do Business.
We’ve already started, follow Lotusphere 2012 through our eyes on this blog!

/Fredrik Söderquist 🙂
Product Owner @Infoware Solutions

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